Courtney – Client Director

Excitable, enthusiastic but oh so logical, Courtney is the master planner and ‘yang’ to Steph’s creative prowess. As a logistical ‘Einstein’ this girl makes one hell of a list and is known to meticulously plan a plan – she misses nothing! Adorably quirky and lover of all things a bit weird, she can’t hide the fact that she has a massive crush on weddings. Up and running before sunrise, Courtney is well known around the studio as a hot cuppa addict and regular LOL-er.

Steph – Creative Director

The creative genius and ‘yin’ energy at Short & Spook, Steph is the visionary when it comes to transforming big ideas into all sorts of tangible colours and textures. A background in set design and visual merchandising, she is imaginative, resourceful and can make and create absolutely anything, out of anything. Infamous night owl and animal lover, she is the team’s go to problem solver and giver of good advice.

Dylan – Senior Visual Designer & Project Manager

A style guru, Dylan is the master when it comes to translating ideas and dreams into a picture on paper (well he actually uses a computer because we are kind of hi-tech like that). He is creatively adventurous and regularly causes excited giddiness in the studio with his innovative thinking and graphic artiness. Just so lovely, Dylan is always full of compliments. That’s why we’ll never let him go – because he has awesome skills and keeps the ladies happy!

Yen – Visual Designer & Project Manager

Yen is just so darn cool! She has a keen design eye, a knack for graphics and she takes a mean photograph! Yen is our secret design weapon, her ideas are endless. She is super bubbly, hard working and always up for a challenge. Yen has a wicked Instagram page, it is kind of why we hired her in the first place! Oh and she has a pet rabbit!

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Casey – Illustrator and Artist

A genuine artist, the real deal. Casey is eccentric (like all good artists should be) and owns a pair of seriously talented hands. Passionate but very patient, she sketches and paints our beautiful signs, creates unique pieces of art, handwrites our name tags and anything else that required her artistic skills. When not creating amazing pieces of art, you’ll find her appreciating and collecting internet memes.

Lauren – Stylist

Lauren is a visual merchandising magician! She could go to the local tip, work her VM skills and it would end up looking  amazing! With her constant need to be creating, Lauren even loves to sew. In her downtime you will find her with her head in a book and a green tea in hand. Lauren is a delight to have around, she is always smiling, even after a 15 hour bump in. She always has snacks on hand, this might be the secret to her happiness.